Club Membership


dClub membership is open to everyone that believes in the Club Ethos and enjoys photography.
The current guidelines and rules are shown below on this page.


Annual subscriptions are £20 for the current season, which runs from September to May.

Various other social events and club outings are arranged during this time and in the summer break. Details will be given at club meetings and on this website.

Any questions please contact the Club Secretary.
The main ethos of HCC is to practise and instruct each other in all branches of photography in a spirit of friendship and cordiality, with a view to continued self-improvement.
The general management of the Club shall be in the hands of the Main Committee, comprising of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Syllabus Secretary, Image Secretary and Print Secretary. In addition, the Competition Selection Committee, comprising of the Syllabus Secretary, Print Secretary and Image Secretary, are responsible for all decisions and entries relating to both internal and external Competition Matters.
The Main Committee has the power to withdraw membership from any member whose subscription
is unreasonably in arrears or who is unable to support the intended ethos of HCC.
An AGM to be held annually and will consist of short reports from Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer, together with short factual reports and score sheets from the Competition Selection Committee.
Alterations of existing rules must be presented at the AGM, or an EGM, and will be included in the agenda for that meeting. Recommendations or complaints must be given to the Chairman and Secretary in writing for consideration by the Committee/Membership at a future date.
If the Club ceases to exist, all assets shall be invested in the Main Committee, who have authority for their disposal, if necessary, in the interests of the Club.
To encourage new work, any image previously placed in a Competition is ineligible for entry into any future Competitions.
Identical images should not be re-entered in any other form, e.g. print & projected digital image.
The maximum number of entries in any Competition is 3, in each section, per person, unless stated otherwise.
Each Competition Secretary is responsible in applying these rules and their decision is final.
Normally the closing time for entries will be no later than 6PM on the Wednesday prior to the following Tuesday date of the competition. Late entries will not be accepted.
All images used must be entirely the work of the member and must have been taken within the last 36 months.
Currently digital images will be judged at a size adjusted to 1600 x 1200 pixels @ a resolution of 96dpi. Images will be projected with a grey background.
Prints may be home or trade processed and must be mounted, not framed. Members are required to deliver these to the relevant place before the closing date. The external mount can be any form or colour, the maximum size being 500 x 400mm irrespective of the size of the print being used. There is no minimum print size. Oversize prints will be disqualified.
A label on the back of each print entry should include the Print Title only and indicate the correct orientation of the print. Ownership and contact details should be provided on a separate enclosed piece of paper and prints be in some protective container. A digital copy of each print entry, in jpg format, is requested at the time of entry, for club record purposes and possible use of the HCC Website.
External Competitions will need to comply to YPU Rules. In the case of the HCC Image of the Year Competition, each Club Member may choose and submit a maximum of 3 digital and 3 print images from their entries in Competitions that year to be judged.
Approved at the AGM . . . Dated : 25/9/18