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camera mandWelcome to our attachments page. Here we publish additional resources that can be used to improve and support photography. Extra links will be added when available.

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hyperfocal distance chart iPhone applications more to come . . .
photos in public places model release sheet  
Britain's First Photo Album Adrian Clay - Lighting  


Hyperfocal Distance Chart

Below is a sample distance chart.



Look along the row corresponding to the focal length of the lens in use, and find the two distances corresponding to the desired aperture.
The upper number (HF) is the hyperfocal distance in metres.
The lower number (NF) is the closest distance still in focus in metres (the near focus limit).
If you focus the lens to the hyperfocal distance, everything between the near focus limit and infinity will be acceptably sharp based on the circle of confusion you have defined (0.028).

Other charts are available.










iPhone Camera Applications

There are many applications, often free, to add to your iPhone. iPhoneSearch the iTunes Applications Store.


Here are a few to get started :

SharpField Focus Calculator
PhotoStrip Captures two pictures in one
Adobe Ideas Creative
Blip Foto Online Gallery
Instagram Photo sharing
CamWow Photo effects
PhotoBox2go Online printing service
Photo Transfer Transfer Photos between devices
O Snap Time Lapse Photography
Vintage Camera Pro Vintage Image Effects

Advice on Taking Photographs in Public Places

Metropolitan Police have issued an advice sheet for photographers. If you wish to view it, in a new window, please click here.

Model Release Sheet

Taking photos of models ? Feel free to use this release sheet to protect copyright of images. Click here to view.

Britain's First Photo Album . . .

Details of the BBC TV series using photography to record and retrace History. Please click here to view.

Adrian Clay - Guide to Photographic Lighting . . .

Please click here to read the guide after our practical night. Thank You.

More Information to come . . .

More to be added

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